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Hypelabs CG is a reselling group based on Discord that was created on the slogan of “Let’s get richer together." At Hypelabs we offer all the necessary resources to make you successful at reselling. Whether you are someone just starting out or more experienced, we offer services that fit both parties! If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, simply keep scrolling.


Everything you need to succeed, all in one place
We offer unparalleled release guides to make sure everyone has a better idea of what is dropping. We also offer accurate links for drops so that members can be successful come drop time. Not to mention for SNKRS shock drops, reserves, and exclusive access, we get those out to members early so that they will never miss out!
If you are interested in stepping into the sneaker botting scene, our team of experienced staff will teach you the basics of sneaker botting. We offer personalized 1 on 1 voice sessions to show you how to set up, run, and learn how to use your bot the proper way. Not to mention, we offer a variety of group buys for our members so they can find deals on useful tools for bots, proxies, sneaker related items, and more!
We provide daily under market pairs to our members. Different people win every day, and this is a great way to start making profit as a reseller by getting these deals under Stockx payout!
We provide stock numbers for drops on Nike and SNKRS, along with monitors that allow you to add these items from footsites and other locations straight to cart. These monitors help with speeding up the checkout process, increasing your chances to cop. We have the fastest monitors in the game that monitors hundreds of sites at once, pinging within the millisecond. With built in ATC links, you will never miss another drop.
While many people wonder about backdoors, we actually happen to have a connection to drops and other retail releases. Members have access to items early, different releases under StockX payout, and easy local flips.
We strive to hire the best in the business and our team is nothing short of that. We have a team of botters that have the credentials to back it up. Our botters are all motivated to help members cop items at RETAIL PRICE from a variety of sites ranging from Shopify, Nike, SNKRS, and much more! This is a service that we offer members FREE OF CHARGE weekly.
Customer experience is our number one priority. Our staff members make sure that each and every member is given the individualized support they deserve. We strive to make sure that all questions are answered in a timely manner. We also offer 1 on 1 support where members can have voice sessions with one of our staff members to have any questions answered.
Other than sneakers, we offer members other ways of making money. This includes console reselling, sports cards reselling, sports betting, ticket reselling, and many more!
We have an in-house autofill extension tool that every member has access to. Monitors hundreds of sites and auto-checkout items within seconds.


Unsure if Hypelabs is right for you? Here's some feedback from current members

Acid (I've never hit on nike)#0235

Leaving a CG to join a new one is always nerve racking, but from the first moment I joined this CG I knew I found a long term community to be a part of, I’ve already made enough money this month to cover rent on my apartment, @DREW Tristanwick truly I thank y’all for making this CG and being so transparent, it truly feels like a family of resellers in here, Drew and Tristian are always giving out advice and information, because of their information I've been able to hit on so many pair manually this month

Arish Ice#4694

This cg is the best investment I have made. I have already won a giveaway and made my money back with it. Also, I have been hitting alot more with different features such as bypass links, early access info, aco forms, and so much more. This group also has the best owners Tristanwick @DREW . They put a lot of hard work and dedication into making this the best they can for everyone. Always active with answering questions and so informative. All in all, Hypelabs is the real deal, and it's only gonna get better from here!


I left a big CG before joining this one and it was the best choice I ever made. This CG has so much to offer with a low monthly price compared to other ones. I made my monthly fee back in just a couple days by the early info, free food, daily steals etc. This CG even offers backdoors which is one of the main reasons I joined and I haven’t been disappointed one bit. There is even more things coming in the near future which I’m very excited for. I highly recommend joining this CG, you won’t regret it. Thank you!


This is my first time ever joining a cook group so I wasn’t too familiar with how things ran but drew and Tristan really stepped up and showed us how everything works. The both of them have really tried to build a welcoming community, and its really paid off, I’ve made a lot of cool friends in here and am grateful to be a part of this community. If you’re hesitant on joining just try it out, within the first 3 weeks I had already made 900 dollars which helped pay for my membership as well as my school’s tuition. There are tons of ways to make money through HypeLabs, for example, through “daily steals” you’re able to join a raffle to win a pair of shoes/clothing that is below market price so that you’re able to sell locally for a profit. There are also giveaways as well as backdoor opportunities and many more, this is essentially free money ! Although the things previously mentioned are all great, I’d say one of the best things HypeLabs has to offer is all the lecture meetings they have, within these lectures, members have learned all the best methods to copping/botting new releases as well as providing us with the opportunities to buy elite programs to take our reselling to the next level ! I’m truly in awe on how well this cook group runs and although it’s not always the smoothest Drew and Tristan are always working hard and are always taking suggestions from members to make the server better. Thanks for reading, hope to see you in HypeLabs !


This group is litterally a blessing , they have helped me out when I was struggling and understood my problems , I never plan to leave this Cg because it’s like a small family I love everyone in here , and not to mention I won Travis Scott frags for $20 litterally best W of my whole life , I can not thank @Drewski and @tristanwick enough for letting me be here . All around amazing people and amazing support!

Uh Milad#8437

So far I’ve had many experiences with different groups, problems, bad community’s, throughout my reselling journey. Thanks to jimob, he invited me one day to the server. I asked around and a lot of people said it was great. I took the risk and I joined, greatest decision I could make! I’ve made so many connections, and I really took a look at the community, and I told myself I want to put time and actually invest in this server. Since then I have provided you guys with so many new additions and I can’t be more thankful for the opportunity I have here. I saw the potential and I know it will be the top cook group in no time! I love to help out and I love to have an amazing active community because that really represents the group. It’s amazing being here and although I’m only 15 and grinding it out, I’ve made so much money. I want to help you guys make the same, although some of you have crazy good capitals, I’m slowly growing. Starting from nothing to something is one of the greatest feelings, and lets continue to grow!


A couple months ago I was going to leave Hype Labs due to disorganization of my finances. Instead I actually made the decision to leave 3 other cook groups in order to stay here because I see the value HypeLabs provides. Thanks to Drew and Tristan, the staff on their team and the knowledge/resources they have shared with me, I did the math and I made about ~$1750 in total profit since I started with you guys most of that coming from recently! This is a great cook group and I hope to be with you guys for the foreseeable future!


Hypelabs is everything that you would want for a cook group to have and more, for example some of the many features that hypelabs includes are, daily steals where I have gotten Travis Scott t shirts for $1 and also brick flips where there is a lot of profit to be made and also members who are actively posting about shock drops and other important information . Thanks to @tristanwick and @Drewski for making hypelabs possible !


Hi, I’m Mahmut. I’ll be 16 in December 2022. I’ve been reselling since I was 12. Over the years I’ve been through many groups, some being north of $50/month, some being south of $20/month. In the idk, week? week and half? I’ve been here at HypeLabs, I can say by far it is the best group I have been in. For one, the owners actually interact with everyone! And they do it daily!! This is something I heavily value and didn’t see in many groups. I’ve spent $2500, manually, not through a bot, just through this group. The opportunities here are endless. Anyone in this group can make money. I don’t have a car, I literally do everything off of an iPhone. On top of the free food and all that other good stuff, the owners do drawings (free to enter) like 10 times a day to be able to buy under market pairs. Say you did NOTHING with the links they send and all you did was enter these drawings you could be paying back your membership AND THEN SOME every month with ease. Overall, the best experience I’ve had through a group, everyone’s friendly, jokes around, helps out, great environment. I look forward to updating this at the end of the year which will be me being in the group for about 5 weeks. Everything comes from my own funds so it’ll show you guys what you can do with no resources at all!


Frequently Asked Questions
We currently support US only.
Hypelabs cook group is $40 per month. You can cancel anytime on your dashboard.
We offer all members free ACO services. We have some of the best botters in the industry.
Hypelabs has the tools to help you learn. We will ensure you have the right support and community around you.

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